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Please pray for the Ukrainian people as they fight for their lives and their country!  We pray for protection and for peace. We pray for restoration and renewed hope. We pray for the families, especially, the children living through the horrors of war.  We also pray for those protesting in Russia against these violent acts by their government. We pray for the entire world community, including the leaders in our own country. Give them wisdom and ingenuity to respond in ways that ends this war and moves us all to a world where Your peace abides. 


Please pray for Cameron, a 10th grader at PVHS. He was recently diagnosed with Ependymoma cancer stage III.  He underwent brain surgery to remove what they could.  He and his family will be going to CHOP for 45 days so he can undergo radiation. Please keep Cameron and his family in your prayers as they travel this long journey.




Please pray for Tom Dutrow.  His doctors found a brain tumor last week and he is having surgery tomorrow!  He needs your prayers for a successful surgery and healing!  

Jordon Anderson



Please pray for the Judy family as they morn the loss of Brian, a wonderful husband, faher and grandfather.  Heaven has gained a special angel...............we have lost a dear friend and family member who will be greatly missed by all.  

Please pray for Kaitlin Rice who had a bad fall which severed her spinal chord at T5.  Unfortunately this resulted in partial paralysis from the mid-chest area down.  Kaitlin has had surgery and will be transferred to another hospital for four months of rehabiliation.  Your prayers for her recovery would be appreciated!
Thank you!

Please pray for TJ Coursen who will be starting treatments for his lung met on June 3.  His last treatment will be June 10th.  Thank you. 

Please pray for a friend who is having surgery this morning for multiple injuries from an accident.  He will be looking at a long recovery.  Prayers would be appreciated.

Please pray for my Father Irwin Rhode. He fell last night and hit his head. He is at the ER. I am waiting for news.
Thank you,
Kathy Coursen

Please pray for my sister Chrissy.  She has experienced two mini stroke like symptom episodes and she also found out that she has a heart valve that is leaking.  She is currently undergoing more testing. 
Thank you. 
Kathy Coursen

Please pray for Jared.  He is a little 7 year old boy in ICU at Hershey.

Please pray for my father, Irwin Rhode.  He is having surgery on the 12th on his colon and he just learned that he has a 2cm mass in his lungs. 
Kathy Coursen. 

Please pray for my cousin, DJ Gates.  He is needing surgery for the third time for a hip replacement that continues to fester with infection. 
Connie Gensimore

Please pray for TJ Coursen as he continues to battle cancer.  TJ and his family need all our prayers for healing and for comfort.  Thank you.

Please pray for my friend Beth's cousin Em who has lymphoblastic leukemia which she has been fighting since 2010.  She recently underwent experimental cancer treatment and her body is rejecting this treatment.  They are having to kill the experimental cells to save her life but if they do there is nothing left they can do to kill the leukemia.  Please pray for Em for a miracle!  Prayers can move mountains and we ask for yours!!  Thank you. 

Please uplift Brandon in your prayers as he struggles with cancer. Pray for minimal chemo side effects and complete remission. Blessings to everyone who reads this...our prayer warriors!

Please pray for Tom Stoner who is having heart related health issues.  Thank you.

My Aunt suffered a stroke yesterday and is in need of prayers. Also prayers for my mother in law who is having heart problems.  Thank you.

We ask for prayers for everyone struggling with our economic times, who may be in need of employment, suffering from ill health, or in need of finding closeness to the Lord.  Thank you for your prayers.   

Kindly pray for my father who is not well, having urine infection. also pray for our family, our intentions, to come more closer to God in our day to day life. God blessJoyce

Please pray for TJ Coursen who was taken to Hershey Medical Center today for a bowl obstruction caused by radiation treatments he has received in the past.  TJ will probably need surgery to correct the problem.  

Please pray for Kim Sampsell who has been having chronic health issues and hospitalizations.  She is currently in hospital but improving; unfortunately, she has lost her job and the doctors have told her she will be unable to continue working.  Prayers would be appreciated.
Barbara Wilkins

Please pray for Les Coursen's family.  Les was killed in an accident today while driving his milk truck.  Les is TJ Coursen's uncle and has three daughters and two grandchildren. 

Please pray for Lisa Bush who was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She will be undergoing the necessary treatments in the near future. 

Please pray for DJ Gates who is recovering from hip replacement surgery for the third time.  He is recovering but is still having trouble with drainage. 

Please pray for Linda Hosterman who was taken to Geisinger Medical Center this weekend because of pneumonia and other health related issues. 

Please pray for the Broadbent family as they morn the loss of their beloved Linda who went to be with the Lord.  Linda had been suffering from cancer for several years. 

Please pray for the Russells who are having financial difficulties in our tough economic times.  We ask that God blesses them and helps them to find peace, comfort, and stability with the challenges they are facing. 

Please pray for Richie Hosterman who is in the hospital scheduled to have triple bypass surgery tomorrow afternoon.

Please pray for Linda Broadbent who is suffering from cancer. 

Please pray for Jamie Piper, Pastor Julie Piper's son.  He was in ICU at Mt. Nittany suffering with sepsis.  He was put on a ventilator Sunday morning and was transfered to Hershey Medical Center this morning.  Prayers are needed!  Thank you. 

Please pray for a young man we met today. His name is Dewayne Johns. He was 
diagnosed with ASPS (the same cancer as TJ), in April. This disease is rare 
and there are not any treatments proven to be affecive. Please lift him and 
his family up in prayer.
Kathy Coursen

Continued prayers are requested for the Parrett family.  They are still mourning the loss of their mother and are now faced with serious health issues of their father.  

Please pray for Linda Broadbent who is being treated for cancer.  Please lift her and her family up in prayer and pray for her healing while she battles this difficult disease. 

Prayers for the family of Adrian R Johnson Sr.  He passed away on 7/19 at Mt Nittany Medical Center after battling emphesema and heart disease for many years.

Patty Murray went to be with the Lord today after suffering with a long term illness.  Please keep her family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time. 

Susie Parrett went to be with the Lord today shortly after noon.  Please keep her family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time.
Please pray for Susie Parrett who had a brain hemmorage today after church.  Many prayers are needed for both Susie and her family who are all in Geisinger Medical Center after she was life flighted today from Mt. Nittany Medical Center. 

Please pray for Amanda Luse Heverly as she is currently conquering Severe Postpartum Depression at Mount Nittany Hospital. Amanda and Jacob welcomed baby, Noah Jacob Heverly on January 23, 2011. Noah came into the world with several health complications but is developing and growing at a very healthy rate.
Marci Heverly

Would you please pray for our friend Terry Wilcox. His son Bobby was killed in an atv accident this weekend. He needs all of our love, support and prayer at this time.
Thank you,
Kathy Coursen

Please pray for Dan Gensimore who slipped and fell on black ice on Saturday.  He fractured at least two ribs and is in a good deal of pain.

Please pray for Pat Gallagher who is recovering from recent heart surgery.  

Please pray for Emily, Roger and their family and friends.  Their nephew Riley lost his battle with lukemia and is no longer with us.  We pray that God will give peace and healing to the family as they grieve their great loss. 

Please pray for Pat Gallagher.  She was life flighted to Danville and is being stablized prior to a major heart surgery next week. 

Please pray for Patricia McCool who recently had surgery.  She is still not able to breath without  machines and is heavily sedated.  She is holding her own day-to-day and they are still hoping for improvement, but there has not been much change one way or the other since her surgery.  Prayers are definitely needed. 
Thank you. 
Jenny Watson

Please pray for our friends Emily and Roger's nephew Riley.  He has been in the hospital fighting lukemia. They just found out his lung collapsed and he could use our prayers.  Thank you. 
Kathy Coursen

Please pray for my friend Debbie who just lost her husband to cancer. 
Sheila Sandberg


Please pray for Steve Myers.  He is in the hospital as he recovers from complications with cancer.

Please pray for Kevin Wager from Lewisburg as he starts treatment for his second battle with leukemia. 


Please pray for Gene who is having surgery for a maglignant tumor the size of a lemon in his bladder.  The doctor thinks the prognosis is good.  


Please pray for Annie, a 94 years young woman who is seriously ill.  Pray for the counsel of the Holy Spirit to be upon her family as they face end of life decisions. 

Margaret Yohe


Please pray for Patrick Meyer from Spring Mills who had an operation for a brain aneurism and was operated on at the Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh.  He is recovering well from his surgery. 


Please pray for Jody Covalt who is being flown to Hershey tonight.  He has a very bad infection in both of his feet.  Jody is Mike's brother.
Pastor Mike and Juanita Covalt


My 2 year old son will be going for open heart surgery on 9/21/2010 if you could just say a prayer for him please.

Please say a prayer for our friend Roger's nephew. His name is Riley and he is 9 years old. He was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. Roger's mother Cathy is also fighting cancer as well. Please keep them all in your prayers.
Kathy Coursen

Please say a prayer for Gert Eyth (TJ's great Aunt). She fell and is in the hospital now and we are waiting to hear more.
Thank you,
Kathy Coursen

Please pray for Rebecca Wenrick who is recovering from cancer surgery. 


Please pray for my friend, Pat B. who has been battling cancer for over a year now. A PetScan showed new spots on his brain for which he had radiation ono 8/25/10. He is also having several rounds of chemo, the next one being this Monday. He feels great and looks great, which makes it all the harder to believe that this terrible disease is fighting inside of his body.  Thank you!
Amy Stitzer-Smith


Please pray for Peg Wert and her family.


Please say a prayer for our dear friend Patty and her family as she was just diagnosed with MS.
Kathy Coursen


Please pray for the Carper family.  Connie Carper lost her courageous battle with cancer and entered into her eternal life 7/12.   May she rest in peace, she will be greatly missed.  

Please pray for Tammy Davis who had neck surgery this past Friday.  She is still in a great deal of pain and is recovering in the hospital. 


Please pray for TJ Coursen and his family as he continues to battle cancer.  We pray that God surrounds all of them with love, faith, courage, hope and healing during this difficult time. 


Please pray for my one month old son Tallen.  He's currently in the NICU in Hershey.  We're not sure whats wrong yet, but he had a seizure and they think it may be a form of meningitis.  Thanks in advance. 

Dusti Latham


Please pray for Connie Carper, her cancer has returned, she's been in the hospital since Memorial Day.  Please keep her family in your thoughts during this sad time.


Please pray for Peg Wert as she is back in the hospital. 



Please pray for our dear friend Carol as she has just learned that her cancer has returned and she gets ready for surgery. We ask that you keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. This has been a very difficult time for Carol as she just lost her father a few short weeks ago.
Kathy Coursen


Thank you for your prayers for Jillian Rupert.  Jillian was a very strong and spirited 17 year old from the Wellsboro area.  She unfortunately suffered major skull fractures with oxygen deprivation from the car accident she was in on Wednesday night.  The doctors had not given her much hope and she was in a vegetative state after the accident.  A priest came to give her last rights and the family was very touched by the beautiful prayers given!  Jillian passed away last evening and her organs are being donated so that her life may flow through others.  We ask that you please pray for peace, comfort and healing for the Rupert family and all those who loved her!

Please pray for my niece Jillian Rupert.  She has been in a serious car accident and is being life flighted to a hospital in Sayer, PA.  Your prayers are appreciated. 

Thank you,


Please pray for Glenn Miller.  He is having a scan done this week to make sure he is remaining cancer free.  Thanks very much.


Please pray for Bill and Wanda Lance and their family.  They lost their beloved daughter Donna this past week.  Donna had become sick recently and was not able to overcome her illness. 

My Aunt, Verda Britton, had a heart attack and stroke this week.  Please pray for a speedy recovery for her.

Jennifer Krise


Please pray for Dennis Schafer.  He had been battling cancer and just recently found out that it is back.  Dennis is keeping a positive attitude and the doctors are giving him positive feedback regarding new medications and clinical trials but your prayers for Dennis and his family would be greatly appreciated.  

Connie G

Please pray for my friend's daughter, Lori. She developed breast cancer while she was 6 weeks pregnant and refused to abort her son or take chemo until after he was born.  Bryce is now 8 years old and she has another child named Page that is 12.  Since Lori waited so long for treatment the cancer was really hard to get rid of, she has had the cancer come back from remission many times in the last 8 years.  The cancer has attacked organs and now has moved into her abdomen and is causing her tremendous pain.

Pat Schafer

Please pray for Tom Kulakowski.  He developed a problem with his elbow while away on vacation which required surgery for an infection.  The incision is not healing and he may have to have another surgical procedure.  Your prayers would be appreciated. 

Connie G


Please keep Jackie Shawver in your prayers as she is battling cancer. 

Please keep Carol's cousin, Jackie Williams, in your prayers as she was diagnosed with colon cancer.
We also ask that you continue to pray for Carol's father, George Weaver, as his journy with cancer continues.

Carol Findley


Please keep TJ Coursen and his family in your prayers as he continues to battle cancer.  He will be going for more testing this coming Friday.

Please keep Charlie Beecher from York, PA in your prayers.  He is only 16 months old and is battling cancer.

Connie G


Please keep Glenn Herrold in your prayers as he continues to have health issues.

Kathy Coursen


Please keep Hunter Voight (Erskine and Willie Cash's grandson) in your prayers.  He is dealing with multiple sports concussions and is on a restricted schedule until he heals.  


Please keep Terri Murphy (Bob Murphy's wife) in your thoughts and prayers as she battles ankylosing spondylitis.


Please keep Suzanne Taylor in your thoughts and prayers.  She is battling cancer with great spirit, courage, and a positive attitude.  Everyone's support, encouragement, and prayers would be appreciated.   


Please keep Kathy Chase in your thoughts and prayers.  She will be having a lung operation in Hershey Medical Center on October 1 to deal with newly discovered cancer.  She will then need to have a stomach replacement after the lung surgery.   


Please keep Jake Kapinus and Ron Spicer in your prayers.  They were both involved in an accident at University Park Airport yesterday and are recovering in the hospital.    


Our heartfelt prayers and sympathies go out to the Boob and Heintlzeman families as they grieve the loss of their beloved Sammy.  


Continued prayers go out to Loretta Stokes-Parkes as she is still struggling with her back and tailbone.  Prayers are also extended to her ex-mother-in-law as she has gone through her last cancer treatment.  We pray that they both will be healed and continue on the road to recovery. 

Please pray for Loretta's grandmother Pauline Baroni.  Her health has been going downhill since May of this year and we pray that she becomes stronger and her health greatly improves.  

Loretta Stokes-Parkes


Please say a prayer for my friend and client Jason Dambach.  Jason is the GM of the State College Spikes and he recently lost his Fiance Kerri to Cancer after a brief, courageous battle.  He knows the power of prayer and I ask that you help uplift him. 

TJ Coursen


Please keep John Chamberlin in your prayers as he (at the young age of 49) has undergone open heart surgery and has had complications, due to being diabetic, and will be at Geisinger for a month.  

Carol Clark-Baney


Please pray for Janie Taylor and her family who recently lost their beloved husband and father, Craig. 

Connie G


For our grandson Derrick Reese - He has five more chemo treatments left.  Pray that GOD will help him thru these treatments and he doesn't get the sores in his mouth as he did during the last set of three treatments.   He is 16 yrs. old and a Jr. at Tyrone High School.  


Please, keep praying for my broken tailbone I'm still having alot trouble with it and I still can't go back to work. Also,please pray for my Ex-mother In law her name is Irene Grindall she recently found out she has Cancer.

Loretta P Stokes-Parkes


Please pray for Loretta and the Stokes-Parkes family.  Loretta broke her tailbone and is on medical leave.  Financial times have been tough for their family and they ask for our prayers that things will start looking brighter soon.

Connie G


Please pray for my son Roger and for Steve both suffer with depression and Roger will not even leave home. Please pray for our business, we are very small and times have been tough, I pray for new customers.  Thank You.



Please keep my brother Anthony in your prayers. He has aplastic anemia, and
he is currently fighting complications from his bone marrow transplant, such
as liver disease, and problems with his heart, lungs, kidneys, and
gallbladder. He is currently in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hershey
Medical Center. The doctors aren't being too hopeful in the percentage that
he will recover, but we know God is stronger than medicine, so my family and
I are not giving up hope. We know that prayer can make the difference between
him getting better or worse, and we appreciate every prayer for Anthony.

Catrina Confer

I'm asking for prayers for Binky Lush who will have surgery this Tuesday,
November 11.  The surgery will be to remove tumors from her spine.  It's a
very delicate surgery with a long recovery.
Linda Hosterman

Please keep Kyle in your prayers.

Ann Martin

A prayer of thanks to the Penns Valley Community for the support we received
during my husband Walt's long battle with leukemia. During our two year
fight, we often felt that we were being carried through our troubles by the
shear love and energy of our Penns Valley friends. Walt is recovering now,
and we are so happy to see the creation of the HOPE fund so others may
benefit from this wonderful community.
Lisa W

I ask for your prayers for my Aunt and Uncle, Jeanne and Eddie Cannon. Jeanne was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Eddie has been fighting his cancer for some time now. Please keep them both in your prayers.

My high school friend, Christine, Lost her husband July 20th. He had a seizure. This was a shock to all as he had no prior health issues. They have 2 young children and I ask that you please keep them in your prayers.

Kathy Coursen

Please pray for my brother-in-law, Alan Davy who is currently hospitalized with an enlarged heart.  They are trying to get his heart conditioned and strong enough to perform an aortic valve replacement.  This will hopefully happen next week.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Connie Gensimore
Please pray for our good friend TJ Coursen who is having a recurrence with cancer.  TJ was cancer free for a short time after returning home from Germany following his second lung surgery.  He received news recently that other cancer was found in his brain and back.  He has already had the gamma knife procedure done for the tumor found in his brain and they are awaiting advice on how to treat the cancer recently found in his back.  Your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Connie Gensimore

My neighbor and friend, Steve Greer,(Coaches Vs. Cancer) has been diagnosed with AML Leukemia. He is undergoing a very aggressive treatment for the next seven weeks at Hershey. Please pray for him and his family. Thanks!

Susan Hedden