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The HOPE Fund is a Christian based, non-denominational, non-profit organization dedicated to helping other people everyday.

1. The purpose of the HOPE fund is to financially assist residents of the Penns Valley Area School District with a medical crisis or a personal disaster

2. The HOPE Fund started in response to the caring and generous support of people in the valley

3. Tragedies unfortunately happen everyday. The HOPE Fund wants to have contingency funds available so we can act swiftly when these situations arise.

We are a 100% volunteer run 501c3 Corporation.  With the administrative, fundraising, customer service and event related activities within a year's time, it takes over 240 volunteers to make the HOPE Fund run efficiently.  ALL of the money that we raise STAYS in Penns Valley to help those in need.  It is the belief of THE HOPE FUND that people are likely to recover faster when not faced with financial burden.  We have assisted stroke victims, cancer patients, heart attack victims, accident victims and those displaced by house fires.  In sum, we have distributed over $750,000 since August, 2008 to our Penns Valley neighbors in need.  Some more specific examples of residents we have helped are noted below. 


A divorced woman suffered an auto accident resulting loss of income during her recovery.  HOPE paid short term rent and her automobile payment and insurance so she could focus on getting well. HOPE also provided her with a food card at a local grocery story and gas cards to help with her transportation for her doctor visits. 

A woman diagnosed with breast cancer could not work during her treatments.  She has a special needs child.  HOPE provided short term help with her mortgage and water and sewer expenses. 

A young woman was disabled in an accident during her nursing career.  Her social security disability was mistakenly cut off.  HOPE provided help on a short term basis with her utility bills, car insurance, food and gas until her SSI was restored. 

A divorced woman was injured in a car accident.  She was unable to work and could not receive unemployment benefits.  Her relatives helped her until the burden became too great for them.  HOPE helped her on a short term basis with rent, car payment, car insurance, and provided her with grocery and gas cards to get to her doctor’s appointments.   

A local mother was dealing with a 14 year old child who has suffered strokes since she was seven.   The mother was financially challenged with medical costs in addition to living expenses.  She needed to replace her car so she had a vehicle to reach the only doctor who was willing to treat her child.  This doctor was located in Boston so a vehicle was extremely important in this case.   HOPE helped her to secure a vehicle and paid for car insurance, food and gas cards.   Her daughter made dramatic improvements due to the treatment she received in Boston and was able to play soccer for the first time in her life.   

A local husband and wife faced hardship.  The husband was currently disabled and the wife who had recently fallen ill was no longer able to work.  She was in the process of applying for disability.  HOPE provided them with wood pellets for the winter, paid their water bill on a short term basis, and provided them with food and gas cards.   

The wife of a young couple with two small children lost her job due to an illness.   HOPE provided short term help with car payments, fuel and mortgage payments until she could get back on her feet and return to work.   

Cherry Lou is a local resident who struggles with chronic edema of her legs. Her medical condition became so severe that she had difficulty walking. The frequent trips to the specialist became a financial burden for the family. The HOPE Fund made it possible for Cherry Lou to receive needed therapy in State College. Today Cherry is doing well and is grateful for the HOPE Fund who gave her the opportunity to receive medical care.

Marcie has been dealing with health issues for five years. Her condition has progressed to the point where she can no longer work. The surgery she needs is not covered by insurance. The loss of income has had a dramatic impact on household finances. Because of the swift action of the HOPE Fund the family did not need to worry about bills during these trying times.

A rare lung condition left an area woman unable to work, facing multiple surgeries and an extended hospital stay.  Her income was vital to the financial stability of the family.  The HOPE Fund stepped in and helped ease the financial burden that the family faced enabling them to focus their energy on her rehabilitation.

Parents of three children in Aaronsburg heard news that no parent should ever have to hear.  At five years of age, their oldest child, Tiara, was diagnosed with medilieoelastroma, a type of cancer of the brain.  The HOPE Fund graciously helped them with mortgage payments, insurance payments, gas and food cards, child care and many prayers.  To the great joy of all, Tiara was found to be cancer-free as of August, 2012.  Tiara has gained weight and is now a happy, healthy little girl who loves school and life.